Adding one of our impeccable customizations, such as a cantera stone molding or sill, will help distinguish your project and set your design apart. Whether you would like sleek and classic or ornate and elegant, ask us for information on making your dream window or door surround a reality!

Cantera stone moldings add definition and texture, accentuating both interior and exterior wall finishes. They can be applied over finished stucco or incorporated in brick or stone designs. Profiles and dimensions of moldings are sized for each particular project or design.

Cantera stone sills are a great choice to accentuate and add definition to a window or niche. They are also quite functional. Sills can act as a support for the rest of the window due to their durability and strength. They can be used alone or in combination with a molding when a full surround is not desired.

Cantera Molding and Sill Gallery