Nothing can complement the entry to your home more than natural cantera stone columns. With a variety of accenting stone colors, this stone especially bring out the beauty and warmth of a home’s entrance. We make columns to any height and diameter to fit proportionately to a space, whether they are floor to ceiling or elevated on top of a pedestal. In addition, we can artfully capture these classic sculptures used in architecture of the past, using Corinthian, Temple of Winds, Ionic, Doric, and Tuscan designs, are still very popular in commercial and residential applications today.

We handcraft every column into the appropriate proportions for the various styles of architecture and sizes of column shafts. Columns can either be solid or be split in half to “wrap around” existing steel or wood supports; but others can be easily cored to allow access for electrical or plumbing should they be required by your design. For example, a design may require exterior lighting for column entries or access for plumbing to feed an arbor waterfall. When ordering columns, please specify whether the column is to be solid, cored, or split & cored.

Please browse through our gallery for some great ideas for your next project.

Cantera Column Gallery